VISA and IMMIGRATION consultancy services for people who want a quick, hassle free experience from experts with over 12 years of experience.

Our approach to our work is simple- We promise what can deliver and We don't make promises otherwise.

We are your no non-sense source of hassle free visa services who will provide you with the best options available.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Why does your website look like a 10 year old made it ?

We made the website ourselves and don't plan on making it any more non-navigational than it already is. This is precisely the reason we offer Immigration services and don't spread our wings where we don't have expertise like our counterparts in the market who will sell you all the dreams by being Jack of all trades.

Specific services for everyone makes us a leader in the field of Immigration.

Why we haven't ever heard of you ?

We don't advertise much because we have a loyal clientele and we believe in offering quality and don't work with the economies of scale. We only accept your application if we can handle the work load and guarantee a turnaround time otherwise we say no. We rather have less clients but offer quality of service because this is an industry where you can only make money if you operate on a large scale or charge high fees but we don't do both. We are happy with what we do and we don't plan to change this.

What does 141 Immigration stand for ?

141 translates literally 1 for 1. We will always be there for you when you need us and we won't put you on long waiting times. If you need us we are there and that translates whenever necessary depending on urgency of situations.

Please navigate through our pages for the services we offer and get in contact with us to resolve your problems or unanswered queries and please like us on Facebook.

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Upcoming Events

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International Education and Permanent Immigration Tour (2017)

Our team of experts will be conducting these tours in India and if you require further information then please contact us.

Country- India

Region- Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi

Dates- To be announced so please keep in touch via Facebook page

Services- Student Visa file preparation, Admission letters and Permanent Residency guidelines after studies.

Universities and Colleges  Represented

1) Mount Royal University

2) Lakeland College Alberta and Saskatchewan

3) Parkland College Saskatchewan

4) Concordia University of Edmonton

5) Lethbridge College

6) North Island College

7) Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology

Please bring the following :

1) Academic Transcripts

2) IELTS score if available

3) Resume

4) Any relevant documents that will help including any vocational courses taken or work experience if applicable.

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